Le Droit Humain international website lists a pioneer lodge for Peru.

Gran Logia Mixta de Chile
 founded in 1929 and active with two lodges in Peru.

Gran Logia Constitucional del Perú was founded in 2004 and has five lodges. The Grand Lodge accepts men-, women’s- and mixed gender lodges. I have not found a website.

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O Grande Oriente Ibérico is a pluralistic order (with men-, women’s- and mixed lodges) with lodges in Portugal, Spain, France, Peru and Mexico. There are lodges in Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, Terrassa, Badajoz, Lissabon and Mexico City and the lodges work with different Rites, mostly “REAA” and “modern”.

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There is a Gran Logia Femenina del Perú

Gran Logia Femenina de Chile, according to their logo founded in 1983. The Grand Lodge has 13 lodges in Chile, 2 in Cuba, 1 in Panama and one in Peru.



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