Le Droit Humain appears to have 7 lodges in Mexico.

Rito Nacional Mexicano, A. C. is a mixed order

O Grande Oriente Ibérico is a pluralistic order (with men-, women’s- and mixed lodges) with lodges in Portugal, Spain, France, Peru and Mexico. There are lodges in Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, Terrassa, Badajoz, Lissabon and Mexico City and the lodges work with different Rites, mostly “REAA” and “modern”.

(Member of Clipsas)

Gran Logia Unida Femenina Alma Mexicana, as the name says, a “femalecraft” order. The website (which early 2018 proved to have been replaced by liquor advertisement) had a fairly detailed list with about 60 lodges.

I am quite sure that there is more mixed and female only Freemasonry in Mexico, but finding that out will be a task for the future. Help is welcome.


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