Questions you may have may include:

  • What exactly is all this “regular” “irregular” stuff?”. A little bit more about that here;
  • Perhaps you ask yourself: “Why would I want to join a mixed gender lodge anyway?” This may give you some food for thought;
  • And what is that term “co-Masonry”? Who came up with it?  There is also something about that;
  • Is this “co-Masonry” much different from other forms of Freemasonry? Check this out;
  • It’s all just a branch of Theosophy, isn’t it? Hm, not really (also see here);
  • Then all are atheists, right? Not really either.
  • So do you call each other “brothers”, “sisters”, or what?;
  • co-Masonry, that’s tiny compared to Freemasonry, right?

All frequently asked questions