International organisations

It is hard to keep information about small organisations up to date, but even for large, world-wide organisations such as Le Droit Humain, federation websites come, move and go. If you are interested in finding a mixed gender lodge in you neighborhood a good place to start may be the international website of Le Droit Humain.

Currently (March 2022) the website lists 69 “federations” (a subsection of Le Droit Humain for a country or region). Find your country on the map or in the list below that map. Some federations have websites, some don’t, but always there’s a contact form which I supposed LDH international keeps up to date.

There are plenty of other international organisations, but none as large as Le Droit Humain. Universal Co-Masonry has lodges in different countries, but fails to mention them on the website. The Grande Loge Mixte de France works mainly in France, but also abroad. Hardly outside Europe though. The same can be said about Lithos, the Grand Orient of Luxembourg and Gran Logia Symbolica Espanola. The Order of Women Freemasons works mostly in the UK, but also Australia, Canada, South Africa and Spain. Not much information about that on their website though. Grand Lodge A.U.M. is quite international, but only with a handful of lodges.

Best start with Le Droit Humain and then see what I came up with for your country.