Le Droit Humain
is active in Spain. The organisation has 21 lodges in Valencia, Madrid (2), Alicante (2), Zaragoza (2), Vigo, Barcelona, Murcia, Oviedo, Sevilla, Donostia-San Sebastián, Castellón, Granada, Girona, Jaén, Denia, La Línea (Cádiz) and the Canary Islands.

Then there is the  Gran Logia Simbólica de España e Iberia with 8 lodges and two more on the way. Unfortunately the website does not state where the lodges meet.

Of course there is the Gran Logia Simbólica de Española which is also active in other countries. They have quite a few lodges around Spain which you can find through the website. This Grand Lodge also allows women to join.

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Eastern Order of International co-Masonry was founded in 2002 in Adyar, India as a split-off of Le Droit Humain. Their website says that:

The Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasonry currently has lodges in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, India, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States, Australia, and South Africa. Others are in the process of forming.

Gran Orient de Catalunya

is an international mixed gender order with 7 lodges in Spain (3 in Barcelona and 1 each in Girona, Lleida, Figueres and Granollers), 6 in France and a lodge in Stockholm, Sweden. The lodges work “Scottish” and “French”.
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O Grande Oriente Ibérico is a pluralistic order (with men-, women’s- and mixed lodges) with lodges in Portugal, Spain, France, Peru and Mexico. There are lodges in Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, Terrassa, Badajoz, Lissabon and Mexico City and the lodges work with different Rites, mostly “REAA” and “modern”.

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Rite of Memphis-Misraïm is a combination of the Rite of Misraïm that was founded by Cagliostro in 1738 and the Rite of Memphis that was founded by Jacques Etienne Marconis de Nègre in 1838. In 1889 General Garibaldi combined the two the Rite of Memphis-Misraïm.

Nowadays there is an international organisation working in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Martinique, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA, England, Venezuela.
There are other organsations with similar names.

The website does not say that members have to be master Masons in another lodge, so it does not appear to be a system of side/higher degrees. On the other hand, the website does not say anything about the “blue” grades of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason, so I am not 100% sure.
What the website also does not state specifically, is that Memphis-Misraïm lodges are mixed. It does say however under “conditions for admission” that: “You must have been questioned by several Brothers or sisters” (my emphasis). Cagliostro wanted to admit women, so it sounds like this tradition is still followed.

There are two women’s organisations in Spain:
La Gran Logia Femenina de España with 12 lodges that you can find on the website.

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La Gran Orient Feminina de España of which I cannot find a website. Perhaps it is the foreign lodge of…


The Order Of Women Freemasons was founded in 1908 as The Honourable Fraternity of Antient Masonry split off of Le Droit Humain. The order was initially mixed, but in the 1920’ies decided to become a women-only organisation which was only made official in 1935. In 1958 the name was changed to “The Honourable Fraternity of Antient Masonry, the order of women Freemasons” to avoid confusion with the only women-only order with a similar name (see below).

The order has over 40 lodges in the UK and is also present in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Spain and Zimbabwe.


Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons, a women only order founded in 1913. There are 17 lodges in the UK, 1 in Romania, 2 in Spain, 1 in Gibraltar, one in India and one in the USA.

My Spanish is not good enough and the English Wikipedia not clear enough to tell if there are other ‘adogmatic’ orders that are mixed.

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