Le Droit Humain is active in Portugal with 8 lodges; 2 in Lissabon, 2 in Porto, Évora, Aveiro, Nazaré and Braga.
The woman who started LDH in Portugal was Adelaide Cabete (1867-1935) who was initiated in a women’s only lodge in 1907 (!). In 1923 the lodge became mixed and joined LDH keeping the name “Humanidade”. With three lodges and two “triangles” (lodges in the make, so to say), Cabete started the Portugese federation of Le Droit Humain. This did not last long, since in 1926 Freemasonry was forbidden under the Portugese dictatorship. LDH went dark and re-emerged in 1980.

If I understand this page correctly, LDH in Portugal only works in the Scottish Rite.

O Grande Oriente Ibérico is a pluralistic order (with men-, women’s- and mixed lodges) with lodges in Portugal, Spain, France, Peru and Mexico. There are lodges in Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, Terrassa, Badajoz, Lissabon and Mexico City and the lodges work with different Rites, mostly “REAA” and “modern”.

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Grande Loja Simbolica de Portugal is the Portugese order of Memphis-Misrasim. They have 11 lodges. Most are men-only, one in Lisboa (lodge Isis) is mixed gender.

Grande Loja de Feminina de Portugal
was established in 1996. It appears to have 14 lodges.

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