Wielki Wschód Polski / Grand Orient of Poland was founded in 1784 with a patent of the Grand Orient de France. In 2008 they followed the Grand Orient de France policy to initiate women. All lodges now do so. Wolność Przywrócona / Liberty Restored, 1991 Warsaw, French Rite. Galileusz / Galileo, 2008 Bydgoszcz, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Cezary Leżeński, 2009 Warsaw, AASR. Witelon, 2010 Warsaw, AASR. Athanor, 2012 Warsaw, AASR. Universe, 2019 Warsaw, French Rite, English language. Astrolabium, 2019 Krakow, AASR. Synergia, 2019 “Europe” (an English language traveling lodge), French Rite and AASR. Abraxas, 2019 Poznán, Memphis-Misraim. Pod Sokołem i Sową, 2020 Poznań, AASR.

The Grand Orient of Poland also has a mixed gender lodge in Latvia, 2009 Riga, AASR.


Le Droit Humain is active in Poland. Their website list 6 blue lodges (3 in Warszawa, Katowice, Kraków and Kielce) and 4 for higher degrees (3 in Warszwawa and Katowice).

Grande Loge des Cultures et de la Spiritualité
 a mixed gender order, founded in 2003 with 15 lodges in France, 3 in Poland, 1 in Lithuania and 1 in Israel.

(member of Clipsas)

Grande Lodge Féminine de France
 (GLFF) has one lodge in Warsaw: Loza Prometea;

(Member of Climaf)

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