A nice, though short, introduction into “gemischte Freimaurerei” (‘mixed Freemasonry’ in German) can be found on the website of Humanitas.

Le Droit Humain

Active in Germany since 1921 when a lodge was founded in Frankfurt am Main. In 1924 lodges in Hamburg and Berlin were founded. Until 1958 the German lodges fell under the Dutch federation. In 1958/9 work was done to found a German/Austrian federation, but this didn’t go as all lodges had in mind, so they decided to found Humanitas (see below).
Nowadays Le Droit Humain has three lodges. Mannheim, Berlin and Düsseldorf.


In 1959 three lodges split off from Le Droit Humain (see above) to found Großloge Humanitas für Männer und Frauen (Grand Lodge Humanitas for men and women). Nowadays Humanitas has 14 lodges;

(Member of Clipsas and Catena)

Groß-Orient von Frankreich
, chartered a mixed lodge in Saarbrücken.

(Member of Clipsas)

Souveräner GrossOrient von Deutschland
, mixed order, founded in 2002 by four lodges and has six lodges today.

Not a member of any umbrella organisation, but according to their own website recognised by the Grand Orient de France, the Grand Orient and the Grand Lodge of Belgium, the Grand Orient of Switserland and the Grand Orient of Austria.)

Grand Orient de Luxembourgh
, is a mixed order with one lodge in Heidelberg.

(Member of Clipsas)

Lithos Confederation of Lodges, has a mixed lodge in Lippstadt (Westfalen) called Timaios.

Frauen-Großloge von Deutschland
, a women-only Grand Lodge, founded in 1949, with 24 active lodges.

(Member of Climaf)

Hamburg and Leipzig have Memphis-Misraim lodges.

Maria Ordenen. This seems to be a Freemasonry-like organisation such as the Weavers are one in the Netherlands. Founded in Norway in 1916, working with seven grades with a more feminine symbolism and a distinctly Christian tone (as Freemasonry in Scandinavia has). There are 41 lodges in Norway, 15 in Sweden, 6 in Denmark, 1 in Iceland, 2 in Finland and 2 in Germany.

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