Le Droit Humain
is active in Finland. Their website seems to list 14 lodges. (The small logos on the bottom of each page.)

There appears to be an organisation working in Finland with the name “Svenkska Kvinno-Frimurarorden“, or ‘Swedish women’s Freemasons order. They are listed as having been active since 1946, having around 45 members and work with the “Swedish Rite”. I have found no website, nor found presence in Sweden.

Maria Ordenen. This seems to be a Freemasonry-like organisation such as the Weavers are one in the Netherlands. Founded in Norway in 1916, working with seven grades with a more feminine symbolism and a distinctly Christian tone (as Freemasonry in Scandinavia has). There are 41 lodges in Norway, 15 in Sweden, 6 in Denmark, 1 in Iceland, 2 in Finland and 2 in Germany.


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