Le Droit Humain
has a Scandinavian federation with “6 lodges altogether – 3 in Denmark, 2 in Norway, and 1 in Sweden”. LDH is active in Norway since 1912 and in Sweden since 1918.

That would be København (Odin), Århus (Hermes) and Aalborg (Parsival) in Denmark. Find the website here.

The Scandinavian Federation of Le Droit Humain is the Scandinavian Federation of the International Masonic Order Le Droit Humain.

The Order was first established in the Nordic countries when the Lodge Yggrdrasil was founded in Kristiania in 1912 [by James Wedgwood from the UK]. The lodge did not survive the Second World War. In 1923, Lodge Bifrost was also founded in Trondhjem, but it is currently not active.

In 1917 the first lodge was formed in Denmark, and in 1918 in Sweden. Iceland and Finland soon followed, and today have the largest membership in the Nordic region.

In Norway, a Masonic group was established in Stavanger in 1979 with 3 members. In 1981 the number of members had increased to 7, and in the same year the Lodge Isis was formally inaugurated and received its charter from the Supreme Council of the Order in Paris. In September 2007, the Lodge had 40 members.

The Lodge Jotunheim in Drammen was founded in November 2017 as a triangle under the Lodge Parsifal [Denmark]. Jotunheim Lodge was assigned its own lodge number in January 2019. In August of the same year, the lodge was officially inaugurated. The lodge has 15 members.

In Sweden, there is a lodge in Stockholm. In Denmark, there is Lodge Odin in Copenhagen, Lodge Hermes in Aarhus and Lodge Parsifal in Aalborg.

Wikipedia Norway (11 April 2023)


The Women’s Grand Lodge of Belgium has two lodges in Denmark, Lilium (Odense) and Freja (Roskilde).

Maria Ordenen. This seems to be a Freemasonry-like organisation such as the Weavers are one in the Netherlands. Founded in Norway in 1916, working with seven grades with a more feminine symbolism and a distinctly Christian tone (as Freemasonry in Scandinavia has). There are 41 lodges in Norway, 15 in Sweden, 6 in Denmark, 1 in Iceland, 2 in Finland and 2 in Germany.

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