Velika Nacionalna Loža Hrvatske or National Grand Lodge of Croatia is a mixed gender Grand Lodge with six lodges.

In 2005 a lodge was founded in Triest, Italy, under the Gran Loggia d’Italia. In 2005 the first Croatian lodge was founded in Rijeka. Six years later the second lodge followed (Iliria). Nowadays there are lodges in Split, Osijek, two in Zagreb and two in Rijeka.

Loza Hermes (lodge Hermes) is a mixed gender lodge working under the Grand Orient of Slovenia. The lodge works with the York Rite.

Le Droit Humain is active in Croatia with one lodge.

This website gives a short history of Le Droit Humain in Croatia. In 1925 the first activity started in Zagreb. People from Wien/Vienna came to see if a lodge could be founded. A few Theosophists came to help out. The first lodge was “Pitagoras” founded in 1932. Later the lodge “Humanitas” was founded. WWII caused both lodges to be closed.

Only in 2016 “Humanitas” (Zagreb) was reestablished with the help of the British Federation.

The Honorable Order of Universal Co-Masonry (before April 2017 “The Honorable Order of American Co-Masonry”), mixed order. A 1994 split-off of Le Droit Humain and at the time called “The American Federation of Human Rights”.

After a century of ups and downs for the American Federation of Le Droit Humain, in 1994 a split became unavoidable. The largest part of the American Federation left Le Droit Humain and now remains as the largest mixed gender order in the USA. Karen Kidd wrote in On Holy Ground that at the time of the split, the American Federation of Human Rights had 18 lodges, 8 stayed in the Honorable Order, 6 split off as a new American Federation of Le Droit Humain and “the membership of four Lodges split between the two orders.” Nowadays the Honorable Order has 29 lodges in four countries: USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Philippines, Costa Rica and Croatia (Zagreb). Lodges in Canada and Paraguay are in development.
The Masonic Philosophical Society is the study branch of this order. If you want to know where the lodges are located, contact the order.


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