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Le Droit Humain
 Belgium was founded in 1911 with the help of a lodge of the Grand Orient (an irregular men-only lodge). After that LDH grew towards being the second largest Masonic order in Belgium with 61 lodges and 6.500 members;

Lithos Confederatie van Loges
(L.C.L.), was founded in 2006 and already has 33 lodges in Belgium (most of them), Germany and Switzerland. There are about 1200 members. Lithos lodges can be both mixed, men-only and female only;

(Member of Clipsas)

Grand Orient of Luxembourg
. An order with male and mixed lodges which was re-founded in 1982. It has 3 lodges in Belgium (Gent, Luik and Turnhout);

(Member of Clipsas)

Ordre Initiatique et Traditionnel de l’Art Royal. An internationally working mixed order with 2 lodges in Belgium (Brussel and Dinant);

(Member of Clipsas)

Grande Loge Mixte de France
(G.L.M.F.), international mixed order with 1 lodge in Belgium (Brussel);

(Member of Clipsas)

Gran Logia Simbólica Española
(G.L.S.E.), international mixed order with many lodges in Spain and 1 in Belgium (Gent);

(Member of Clipsas)

Gran Oriente Latinoamericano
(G.O.L.A.), mixed order, 1 lodge;

(Member of Clipsas)

Grande Loge Régulière Française
(G.L.R.F.), international mixed order with 1 lodge in Belgium (Aalst);

Vrouwengrootloge van België
(V.G.L.B.), female only, founded in 1974, 34 lodges, 1.600 members.

(Member of Clipsas and Climaf)

International Order of the Ancient and Primitive Rite  of Memphis-Misraïm is active in Belgium. I know this order has men-only and mixed lodges, but I have not been able to find out if the Belgian Grand Lodge admits women, how many lodges they have, where they are located and it this is a system starting with the ‘blue grades’ or are only meant for Master Masons.

I would like to invite Dutch and Belgian visiters to visit the Dutch version of this website. It has (much) more information and a Google map to find a lodge nearby.

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