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Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite

I just heard of a mixed order active in the USA of which I had not yet heard. They are active in other countries as well. I had listed the group in my page on Equador with another name (more obviously mixed). I have added the below to the respective pages.

Unión Masónica Universal del Rito Moderno (or Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite) was founded in Barcelona in 2008. The Union is active in Brazil, Colombia, Equador, Cuba and the USA (California and Georgia). Information on the world wide web does not say as much, but I was asured that the Union has mixed lodges.

Call of Bratislava

I just run into a website called Call of Bratislava, or

At this time, we are also voting to create a World Confederation of Masonic Obediences where all will be free, independent fraternal organisations, enjoying equal rights. We, the Freemasons, want to make this a reality.

The site is fairly informative. It includes and article on female and co-Masonry and has a little ‘forum’.

Mixed Masonic communities

There are quite a few Masonic fora on the world wide web, but on many of them irregular Freemasons are frowned upon. So what about mixed Masonic fora and online communities? I found some of them, mostly not very active, but here we go:

  • The Masonic Forum Of Light, a not too active forum that discusses quite some non-Masonic subjects;
  • Esoteric Freemasonry & Adelaide 406, a similar board to the previous;
  • LDH USA Facebook Community, the American LDH lodges are quite active on the world wide web. This is a link to a closed group with 1480 members;
  • LDH USA Google+ Community, the Google+ variety of the previous;
  • Many (all?) American LDH lodges have accounts at These are for actual / physical meetups, so only interesting when you live in the neighbourhood, but when you are American, this might be good to know. Take a look here.

Other suggestions are welcome.

[edit 30/10/15] Besides a relatively massive regular ‘subReddit’ for Freemasonry, there is also a much smaller women’s Masonic subreddit (also for co’s), which can be found at r/xxmasonic. [/edit]

100 Years mixed Freemasonry in the Netherlands

Combined with the spring equinox (or St. John’s) the Dutch lodge Pythoras celebrated its hundreth birtday. Pythagoras was founded on 21 June 1915 as a Le Droit Humain lodge, but in 1960 co-founded the NGGV (‘Dutch Grandloge of Mixed Freemasonry’). The national head of Le Droit Humain was present.

What of them men?

In the Netherlands there is a Masonic publication called Thoth. It is published by an organisation that does not formally belong to the Dutch Grand Orient en hence Freemasons of any breed can subscribe to Thoth. I noticed that recently there is much room for Belgian authors. Since by far the largest part of the Belgian Freemasons are irregular, there is a much bigger chance of finding an “adogmatic” Belgian Freemason than a Dutch one. More and more Thoth seems to call for an “adogmatic” Freemasonry, or at least, “adogmatic” Freemasons get much room in the publication. Also members of the Dutch Grand Orient seem to be increasingly ‘becoming adogmatic’ (judging the articles of course). Questions about the Bible within the Lodge, the fact that regular Dutch lodges cannot intervisit with mixed lodges and also the impossibility of women to join regular lodges are questioned freequently.

I cannot judge of Dutch Freemasonry at large is indeed ‘going adogmatic’, but Thoth suggests that members do get all the room they want and I see no counter-articles. I also see regular Freemasons in mixed lodges and a recent coming-together in Antwerpen of Freemasons of whatever breed seems to have been very successfull.

What about you? Do you see changes in the way regular Freemasons look other kinds of Freemasonry?