Website exists 10 year

10 Years ago I was initiated. 10 Years ago I started this website (and its Dutch counterpart). It was a lot of work, gathering information, often from websites in languages that I don’t master. I came up with an as complete as possible overview of mixed gender and women only Freemasonry world wide. I tried to gather interaction with comment fields, sub-Reddits and Facebook pages and groups, but interaction is minimal (1700 ‘likes’ says little). This also shows by the fact that the book that I made based on the content of this website has been sold only 6 times in a years time.
(This is the very reason I don’t make a super effort trying to keep everything up to date.)

I do a lot of investigation into the history of (co-)Masonry. There are so many subjects that I wonder why nobody ever tried to dig up the details. Such articles sometimes find their way to this website (when the subject fits), which makes this English website more active than its Dutch ‘sister’.

I’m just a guy sharing results of personal investigations. There is no big commercial company behind me bringing my work to the attention of (potential) followers. I had hoped that among the thousands of members of the organisations mentioned on this website and the more people interested, but not (yet) members, there would be more than just a handfull with a passion for nerdy details of history and rituals (and their histories). And more people trying to join a lodge making more of an effort than saying: “I want to join” (and think finding and contacting a lodge is too much hassle.) And more people who want to know more about similar organisations or even the same organisations, but in different countries.

It seems that it’s just me. Or are there other people, but who write for their (grand) lodge magazines, give lectures for their lodges, etc.? Does this website help you with that?

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