Ritual, Secrecy and Civil Society journal

I ran into a journal called Ritual, Secrecy and Civil Society. That doesn’t immediately sound like a journal about Freemasonry to me, but it sure is! It appears to be an academic publication. The website says:

The focus of this journal is on peculiar contributions to the social capital of ritual and ceremony, often accompanied by secrecy and  covertness that have been noted for many years — but understudied. The unraveling of these myriad influences, including their consequences for the way they have figured in the evolution of the body politic, the corpus reipublicae mysticum,  is no small task.

The journal had its first issue in 2013 and the current issue is from spring 2022. Most issues can be read on the website. There proves to be some information about the forms of Freemasonry that this website is about.

The very first article is The Order of Ancient, Free & Accepted Masonry for Men & Women Origins and Structures of the A.F.A.M. and the British Women’s Supreme Council by Bernard Dat. A promising start.

The second article of the first issue is Women and Freemasonry in the Eighteenth Century: Some New Documents—The Giroust Manuscripts by Françoise Moreillon.

That first issue has other articles with ‘other Masonic interests’.

Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2014 has an article about Mormon Temple Rituals, Women and Freemasonry by Carter Charles.

Oswald Wirth and the Symbolic Revival in Freemasonry by André Combes can be found in 4/1 2016 and is partly about Wirth’s relationship with mixed gender Freemasonry.

Jinarajadasa (1875-1953): A Bridge Between East and West by Jean Iozia was published in the same issue (4/1) and is partly about Jinarajadasa’s membership of co-Masonry.

Later issues don’t seem to have texts specifically about Freemasonry and women, but there are texts about Latin American Freemasonry and the Grand Orient de France for example. Other articles are about history, symbolism and more. Quite a lot to catch up with.

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