Photo of 1925 international convention?

A supposed Le Droit Humain photo with Rudolf Steiner was brought to my attention some time ago. Me and the person who found the photo did some digging and concluded that the photo is more likely to be from the 1925 international convention of Le Droit Humain (click on Steiner’s name to find out more) and hence, the man isn’t Rudolf Steiner (who passed away in January of that year). In the proces, we’ve been trying to find out who are on the photo and I thought it would be a good idea to share that information too.

I had some hopes that I could identify more people on the photo, but unfortunately not yet. I have most names of the 1920/1 photo, but only a handful of the 1925 photo. Any help is appreciated!

The photo that I knew before is the relatively known photo of the 1920 (or 1921, information differs) first international convention (click for a slightly higher resolution):

Most people in this photo have been identified the author of the 50th anniversary booklet of the Dutch federation in 1949, so I only had to copy that. I have tried to find the first names and the federations that they represented. Five names aren’t filled in yet.

  1. Br. Henriot
  2. Sr. St. John
  3. Charles Cambilliard
  4. James Ingall Wedgwood (UK)
  5. Louis Goaziou (USA)
  6. Corneille Kahn (France)
  7. unknown
  8. unknown
  9. Aimée Bothwell Gosse
  10. Amélie André-Gédalge
  11. unknown
  12. Joseph van Meerwijk (Netherlands)

13. Eugène Piron (Grandmaster)
14. Valentino Di Fabio
15. Henri van Ginkel (Netherlands)
16. Anne-Marie Dourlen Rollier
17. Johannes Reelfs
18. Sr. Piron
19. unknown
20. Anne Kerkdijk (Netherlands)
21. Sr. Michel
22. Sr. Blanche Mesnages
23. Br. Hendrycks
24. unknown

The following photo is probably from the 1925 international convention (click for a slightly higher resolution). A few faces can be seen on the photo of a few years earlier, other faces have been identified in another way. Most names are open.

  1. unknown
  2. unknown
  3. Ellen Bille Brahe Selby
  4. unknown
  5. unknown
  6. unknown
  7. unknown
  8. Amelie André Gedalge
  9. unknown
  10. Eugène Piron (Grandmaster)
  11. Annie Besant
  12. Louis Goaziou (USA)
  13. unknown
  14. unknown
  15. unknown
  16. unknown
  17. unknown
  18. unknown

19. unknown
20. unknown
21. unknown
22. unknown
23. unknown
24. Pekka Ervast (Finland)
25. unknown
26. unknown
27. unknown
28. unknown
29. James Ingall Wedgewood
30. unknown
31. unknown
32. unknown
33. unknown
34. unknown
35. unknown

Well, that’s a more ‘meager harvest’ than what I expected when I started. Can anybody fill in some more names and the federations they represented?

If you can’t get enough of this, I’m also looking for some names on the 1920/1 photo and many from the 1925 photo of the International Convent. See here. Strangely enough I can find no Dutchmen on the 1925 and 1934 photos, while there are many on the photo of the first convention, also apparently representing Germany, Austria and the Balkan where lodges were founded from the Netherlands.

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