The Stairway Of Freemasonry – Julian Rees (2007)

As the author says “The Stairway Of Freemasonry” is a follow-up of “Making Light“. A bit too much so perhaps.

The present title is a collection of 30 short essays about a variety of subjects, but roughly the same as what is written about in the other book. There’s not only overlap between the two books, but also between different essays.

Even though Rees addresses both the Mason and non-Mason in his introduction, several chapters are “for (second and) third degree audiences only” and even when considering the other essays I often wonder if they don’t give away too much to someone who is yet to be initiated.

Even more so than in “Making Light” the book isn’t very ‘esoteric’, but rather slightly spiritual, but also still moralistic and with religious tones again. The book presents some nice thoughts and directions for the reader’s own ponderings, but I’m afraid that I find this book even less strong than its predecessor.

2007 Lewis Masonic, isbn 0853182728

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