Tracing Boards Of The Three Degrees In Craft Freemasonry Explained – Julian Rees (2015)

The author has long been a Freemason, but around the time he was working on this book, he already contemplated the idea to switch from a “regular” lodge (working under the United Grand Lodge of England) to a lodge working under the British federation of Le Droit Humain. For that reason you will also find tracing boards of ‘irregular” lodges in this book.

The book is printed largely (A4) and colourfully, but not with too many pages (about 100). It has a wealth of information on the symbolism of tracing boards though, also shedding light on symbolism in the rituals. This makes a truly wonderful book that is highly recommended to anyone interested in Masonic symbolism.

A little warning. The book is divided over the three craft degrees, but don’t read parts about degrees you haven’t yet entered. That would give away too much.

2015 Arima Publishing, isbn 1845496612

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