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On moving from WordPress.com to a self-hosted website, I figured it was time to see if any country page needed updating. I had a few Grand Lodge names to look into and soon found out that I failed to list some organisations. Then I had the bright idea to check the members list of Clipsas to see if it has any women’s or mixed gender organisations that I overlooked until now. Well, there were……

So, I’ve been expanding country pages, added countries that weren’t yet listed and in the proces split up pages such as “Scandinavia” and “Balkan” into separate countries. Quite a job, because the Clipsas list doesn’t always link to a website, so often I had to try to find that website (and more than one organisation proves to have none!) and when on that website, I had to see if it is a men-only organisation or one that deserves a place on this website. Several Clipsas members I can’t find! What doesn’t help is that sometimes a French name is listed, but the actual name is in the language of the country where the organisation resides.

Too much work for now to also check for broken links, organisations that have folded, etc. On a few occasions I made some nice discoveries. When I set up the website a couple of years ago one organisation allowed women as visitors and by now it is a mixed gender organisation itself. On another occasion I had “triangles” (‘lodges in the making’) listed which by now became lodges and more lodges had been founded in the meantime.

So, this website is again more up-to-date. I would still like to invite you to check your country and/or the countries you know Masonically well to see if I missed something, list an organisation that is no longer in existence or simply have anything incorrect. Also when I only have information like “founded in 2010, 3 lodges” and you know more, let us know. A little bit of history is nice. Perhaps some information on the Rites that are worked in. Things that members and prospective members would like to know.

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