I have been thinking a bit about the future of the website. I think I have found most information about mixed gender and female Freemasonry around the world. I have made short overviews per country, a Google map for navigation, I say a bit about suggested reading and I post a little news every now and then. The world is too big to try to keep up with news. Besides, chanels like Facebook are much easier ways to share news. I can write a little article every now and then, but that (of course) requires that I come up with something to write about.

So I was thinking. In order to make the website a bit more of a place for (potential) co- and female Freemasons *and* a counter balance to the many website about regular Freemasonry, would it be an idea if I posted people’s stories about how and why they joined a mixed or female lodge, experiences since or other short texts that could give information to (potential) brothers and sisters, inspire people to find their own lodge, etc.

What do you think of this idea? Would you submit such a story?

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