Musings of a webmaster

In August 2014 I started with this website. The choice for a free was deliberate. I wanted to see if the built-in interactivity of WordPress would be helpfull to attract visitors. This did not really prove to be true, but I do at least have to “followers”.

I did not want to make a “blog” with articles on current events. I wanted to make a website that is informative for members and especially for potential members. This somewhat static approach does make that people who no longer visit websites, but rather just consume news items on Facebook or whereever, might not find this website. 

So the first thing to do was make Google ‘like me’. This works a bit, but especially in the English language it is difficult to make something that stands out. So after a while I decided to combine two wishes: make a forum for mixed gender and female Freemasons and try to attract attention through Reddit. My ‘subreddit’ is extremely tame.
Then I went onto a new two-edge project. I created a Google map with a pointer in each country linking to the page I for those countries. Google must like Google projects, right?
More later I decided to give Facebook a try and make a “page” that people can “like”. I do have to try to get that “page” under attention and I do not want to do that using my personal account, so in the end I made a ‘dummy account’ that can join groups and make posts and replies, and “friends”, yes that too, but I would prefer these friends to “like” the page and let people know about the website.
No run on the website (or the Facebook “page”) though.

Oh well. I frequently learn something new, so I will just stoically keep building this website further up. It is meant to give information about mixed gender and female Freemasonry and not to promote any specific organisation. I hope that people who want more information or are looking for a lodge to join, find this website and the information they are looking for.

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