Mixed Masonic communities

There are quite a few Masonic fora on the world wide web, but on many of them irregular Freemasons are frowned upon. So what about mixed Masonic fora and online communities? I found some of them, mostly not very active, but here we go:

  • The Masonic Forum Of Light, a not too active forum that discusses quite some non-Masonic subjects;
  • Esoteric Freemasonry & Adelaide 406, a similar board to the previous;
  • LDH USA Facebook Community, the American LDH lodges are quite active on the world wide web. This is a link to a closed group with 1480 members;
  • LDH USA Google+ Community, the Google+ variety of the previous;
  • Many (all?) American LDH lodges have accounts at Meetup.com. These are for actual / physical meetups, so only interesting when you live in the neighbourhood, but when you are American, this might be good to know. Take a look here.

Other suggestions are welcome.

[edit 30/10/15] Besides a relatively massive regular ‘subReddit’ for Freemasonry, there is also a much smaller women’s Masonic subreddit (also for co’s), which can be found at r/xxmasonic. [/edit]

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