Freemasonry for everybody

Since 1893 there has been Freemasonry where not only men are allowed to join. This website aims at informing both prospective members and people who are already member of a (mixed gender or women-only) Masonic organisation. Most information about Freemasonry online is from so-called “regular” (and thus: men-only) Freemasonry. The information about other forms of Freemasonry is scattered and fragmentary. Hopefully this website will be a starting point for people looking for more information about Freemasonry that involves all genders.

You will find some general information such as history, what the difference is with other forms of Freemasonry, but also a list with organisations that are active in every country that I could find information about in the world. The information is short, but (if available) provides a link to the organisation.

A good place to start may be the introduction to our subject. See the navigation on top and on the right to find your way around the website.

Note: this website is the effort of one person who represents none of the organisations listed and who is not in contact with the vast majority of them. Therefor I can’t help you with questions about a specific (grand) lodge, membership procedures, etc. Note that all organisations listed are their own organisations, with their own procedures. When you are interested to join, use the website to try to find the nearest lodge and contact them yourself. That’s all I can offer you.